Portable Electronic Libraries

As much as we all love the feel of a good book, we also love the fact that electronic devices allow us to take one hundred journey's on holiday instead of just one. 

Portable reading devices mean you will always have the opportunity to escape to another time and place - even if it is just in your mind.  Research has shown that a holiday in the mind can potentially be as powerful as a physical one.  We believe that any holiday is a good holiday. 

eBooks are for everyone, even readers without a Kindle

Kindles or other electronic readers are a wonderful way to read a book and pack a few thousand books in your overnight bag taking virtually no space.  If you don't have a Kindle, then it is worth getting one.  However if can't or don't want too, you can still read eBooks.

Besides space saving, the best thing about Kindle books or eBooks in general, is that they are much cheaper than paperbacks.  A lot of paperback titles that sell for around $17 are often as little as $2.99 in electronic format.  This is a reader's dream.

Best of all, many writers and publishers have regular periods (often a few days every three months) where they promote one or more of their ebooks (Kindle books) by offering them free for a set period.  Every day on Amazon great titles are available for free (cook books, novels, and other 'how to' books). Even if the title you want isn't free, it is likely to be so cheap for the Kindle version that a bit of pocket change will more than suffice.

HOW TO READ eBOOKS (including Kindle Books from Amazon) WITHOUT A KINDLE OR OTHER READER

If you have an iPad you can:

Download the Kindle App on the iPad or Smart Phone to read a      Kindle book and register using your Amazon Account email/password.       Note: You will need an Amazon Account first (if you don't already have      one) - they are free to set up.

If you don't have an iPad, consider getting one as they are light, small, and totally portable. You can watch movies on them in the plane (or anywhere), download full colour recipe books and put the iPad behind a glass recipe holder when cooking, read colour non-fiction books as well as novels, and do almost anything else you can think of.   But the iPad doesn't do the dishes yet.


Modern writers are lucky, lucky, lucky.  Whether you are a screenwriter or a novelist or a small electronic publishing business, you have an endless array of technology at your fingertips.

For writing novels try good old fashioned Microsoft Word or one of the many novel writing software options on Amazon such as Scrivener, Writeway or WriteIt4Now.  Research to find the software that is worthwhile and right for your particular needs. 

For writing movie scripts, stage plays or TV scripts, try the very popular Final Draft software.