Springbrook Trails - Twin Falls Circuit

Twin Falls Circuit in Springbrook National Park is one of the best and most scenic walking tracks in this world heritage listed area, which was once part of an ancient volcano.  

The 4km circuit track surprises the hiker at regular intervals with constantly changing and spectacular scenery from stunning rock formations, sheer cliffs, subtropical rainforests, breathtaking views from the valley to the beach, creek crossings with bridges, great waterfalls and a glorious big rock pool.

rockpools and waterfalls, Springbrook, Gold Coast,

Starting from Tallanbana Picnic Area in Springbrook, it only takes a few minutes to reach the first lovely section of the circuit as the track meanders down to a small bridge to cross a creek of flowing crystal clear water.  Before the conversation about how pretty it is has finished, the track suddenly presents unexpected rock formations which tower as high as some of the trees and lean against each other to form a covered passage way for hikers to marvel at.

Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Gold Coast Hinterland

Trekking down the steep, thin, winding track leads the walker to lovely area with water trickling over moss covered rocks and down the mountain.  At this point, it is already proving a worthwhile walk and all the best is yet to come.

The twisting track soon leads to one of the more spectacular sights in Springbrook, known as Twin Falls Circuit. With twin waterfalls rushing down the cliff to drop with wild abandon into a  fresh water rock pool big and beautiful enough to make one want to strip off and dive in, this whole area is utterly enchanting.

There are two trails to get to the rock pool, one takes the walker in front of the pool, and the other trail leads the walker behind the waterfall to gaze up in wonder at the mountain water plunging downward to fill the inviting natural pool below. 

Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook, walk, caves, Gold Coast

This is the perfect place to spend some time soaking in the dreamy sights and to thank the Gods of Nature that heavenly places like this still exist so close to the hectic Gold Coast strip.

As Twin Falls Circuit continues down the mountain, the pretty track never fails to reward the hiker with intriguing roof-like rock formations, tree ferns, ancient brush box with some of them being around 1500 years old, and lots of very creatively exposed tree roots.  Strangler figs and piccabeen palms feature along the track before reaching the broad Blackfellow Falls.

best walking track, Gold Coast

The short overhang means it is almost impossible to pass this part of the track without going under part of the waterfall and getting a little refreshed.  Make sure cameras are adequately covered before making a dash for it.  It is all part of the fun and a chance to get up close and personal with nature.

Blackfellow Falls, Springbrook, Gold Coast
Blackfellow Falls, Springbrook, Lamington National Park

Don’t dash through just yet - stop and take a look around.  The side views from the beginning of the sheer black rock face, under the sliding sheets of water, along the gleaming path, up the stairs and into the lush greenery are quite beautiful. 

How wet you get depends on the amount of rain in the few days before walking the track.  As the two pictures above show, on some days you might get by with a lovely little light spray, and on other days, you might be wishing for an umbrella so your hair doesn't get messed up.

Walks in Springbrook, Twin Falls Circuit

This wonderful trail continues through subtropical rainforest which changes to temperate rainforest. As the hiker continues along the circuit on an incline for much of the remaining walk, expect to come across many stairs.  But this incline is certainly no-where near as steep and as long as the Picnic Rock Trail in the Green Mountains.  

On the home stretch nearing the top of the mountain, the forest opens up to reveal spectacular views across Springbrook National Park and as far as the high rise buildings of Gold Coast city. 

Short Hikes with best views, Springbrook, Gold Coast

Additional creek crossings and many great lookouts including Canyon Lookout with great views to the distant waterfalls and out into the valley and beyond, really make this the most interesting short walking trail in Springbrook, and certainly at the top of the list for Gold Coast Hinterland walks in general.

Great Views from Twin Falls Circuit walking track, Springbrook, Lamington National Park

 What about lunch?

Keep following the Twin Falls Circuit trail and it will lead you back where you started at Tallanbana Picnic Area where you will find toilets, picnic tables and BBQ’s.  You have the option to pack a picnic lunch, bring meat for a BBQ or drive to the nearby Dancing Waters Cafe for a delicious lunch after your walk.



Twin Falls Circuit is a 4km circuit which takes about 2 hours to complete the circuit (allow three hours to fully enjoy the scenery).


Start the track from Tallanbana Picnic Area on Gold Coast- Springbrook Road in Springbrook, Lamington National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. Walk down the mountain (go straight- don’t turn left).  The circuit goes downhill for the first half of the trail and then the second half is uphill (not difficult or too steep though). 

Note:  Around the first set of rock formations there is a turn off to the 17 km Warrie Circuit (be careful not to accidentally take that route unless you are adequately prepared for it - just read the signs).


Scrub Turkeys are often seen, Green Catbird (up high in the trees), Eastern Yellow Robin (can be seen on lower branches and forest floor), and Spotted-tail Quolls (if you are very lucky)


Twin Falls Circuit Track is regarded as Class 3 according to www.nprsr.qld.gov.au and includes sheer cliffs along thin tracks through parts. For this reason, children would need to be extremely closely supervised if taken on this trail.  Solid supportive footwear is highly recommended due to exposed roots and rocks, and rough track surfaces.

Map of Twin Falls Circuit track, Springbrook hiking