Currumbin Rock Pools

Clear natural waters with an emerald tint  surrounded by lush rainforest known as the Currumbin Rock Pools lie less than thirty minutes drive from the busy Gold Coast strip.

A haven for locals in hot weather, the Currumbin Rock Pool offers more than just a refreshing dip in a stunning location.  It's shores are laden with thick green grass perfect for laying out a picnic, and huge trees which offer shade for those who like a sloping hill. 

Currumbin rock pools

While teenagers often jump from the top of a small cliff doing gymnastics in the air, the rock pool is big enough to accommodate those who are there for a leisurely float.  Some privacy is available for others who are content to wander downstream and find shallow running water to to bathe in - Currumbin Valley Rock Pools offer something for everyone.

Pretty speckled chooks from the farm opposite often wander the grounds pecking around, oblivious of the entertainment value they provide for tourists.  Cows moo in the distance, and the car park must surely be one of the most scenic on the Gold Coast.  I always feel my spirits lift when I pull up here.

Gold Coast Rock Pools

With picnic tables, a rotunda, barbeques and toilets all in a scenic mountain setting, it is the perfect place to spend a summers day.  A nice big grassy flat area to play ball games or frisbees, means there is no excuse not to get a little fun exercise in too.

Just a few minutes drive away lies a great little walking trail at Cougal Cascades.  The trail is actually a wide bitumen path which meanders along little waterfalls and rock pools and leads to an historic sawmill.  Although the path is uphill, it is not too steep and is fine for prams or assisted wheelchairs. There are some picnic tables and a small car park at the foot of the pathway.

More information can be found on the Queensland government site regarding the walk.