Cedar Creek Rock Pools

Cedar Creek Rock Pools are a secret - well, they're supposed to be.  Many people live on the Gold Coast their whole lives without any knowledge of this little diamond of a location.  

When the falls are heavy and gushing into the rock pools, the water swirls fast and furious like a cold bubbling spa.  These natural rock pools make for a brilliant swimming location in warmer months.

Cedar Creek Rock Pools at Mount Tamborine

Cedar Creek Rock Pools at Mount Tamborine

The rock pools are a glorious way to spend a summers day and many people pack a picnic and make a full day out of it, sunning themselves on the rocks in between swims and nibbles.

The Cedar Creek Falls are at their strongest, and the rock pool at its most spa-like when there have been recent rain falls.  

The short but rocky uneven scramble down the rocks to the pools requires care to be taken to avoid slipping - but I found it very worthwhile and look forward to the next trip to this fabulous spot.

Note:  There is parking, picnic tables  and toilets near the parking area.

Tip 1:  On hot days the small car park fills very early in the morning, and you may have to park a few kilometres away if you don’t get there early enough.

Tip 2: Once in the rock pools, be aware that the bottom of the pools is rocky, uneven and slippery - take care.

Cedar Creek Falls and rock pools in Mount Tamborine

Cedar Creek Falls and rock pools in Mount Tamborine


Go to Mount Tamborine on the Gold Coast Hinterland in Queensland (less than an hour from Brisbane). 

Take the Mt Tamborine Road.  Turn off onto Cedar Creek Falls Road, which ends at the parking area.  From the parking area, you need to take a short walk (approx half a KM) to the Cedar Creek Falls and Rock Pools.