Gold Coast Suns terrorise Lions

As Lions went down all over the field, a tough Suns outfit didn’t look back as they kept snatching possession of the ball and ramming it home for a 53 point victory.

Gold Coast Suns skipper Gary Ablett showed his class booting three goals to claim the Marcus Ashcroft medal. But this was certainly no one man show. His feisty team mates looked stronger than ever as they tackled, terrorised and tore the Lions apart.

Brisbane Lions Rockcliff, Paparone, and Moloney stepped up and tried hard to make a difference and there were one or two moments where it looked like the tide could turn. But the Suns were not to be denied and used their pace and self-belief to scorch the Lions into submission.

Gold Coast Sun Sean Lemmens leaves an impression

Young Sun defender Sean Lemmens only in his third AFL game showed sparks of brilliance as he skilfully weaved his way around a Lions player to produce a killer first goal.  Jaws dropped, fans screamed, there is no doubt about it, Lemmens has arrived.

New Sun Kade Kolodjashnij kicked his first AFL goal and gave Gold Coast fans a reason to get excited about having him on board.

Guy McKenna must be pretty impressed with his team after this particular QClash. Why? Not just because of the scoreboard, but because there were no weak links, and they played as a team.

The same couldn’t be said for the Lions.  Brisbane coach Leppitsch looked destroyed throughout the last two quarters, and would certainly be able to single out a number of more established Lions players who didn’t do enough.

Metricon Stadium is fast becoming a dangerous place for other teams to visit and should put up a sign: ‘Enter at Own Risk’. 

My AFL confession

I watched the QClash live at Metricon, then went straight home and watched the recorded match again on TV, every second.  After that, I replayed the Lemmens goal about eight or nine times.  Okay, maybe it was more…..