Heaven on Earth - Grindelwald

The first time I cried from happiness was as a teenager when I received a pure Arabian horse as a very generous gift from my parents.

The last time I cried from happiness was when I went to Grindelwald in Switzerland and did the walk from First to Lake Bachalpsee.  It wasn’t the lake, it wasn’t First, it was the journey in between.

Nature brought me to my knees and made me feel incredibly humbled to have witnessed such natural breathtaking beauty. 

Me, in my favourite place in all the world - Grindelwald.

Me, in my favourite place in all the world - Grindelwald.

The glorious walk on the mountain top filled me with exhilaration and  peacefulness. Yes, the world just made sense that afternoon. 

Grindelwald sometimes feels like it was all just a magical dream.  But every day when I turn on my computer a photo comes up of this place - with me in it.  Yes, I was there, and every day I look at it and feel uplifted. Some holidays just keep on giving...

TOP TIPS FOR THIS TRIP:  These pictures were taken in early September and it  was a great time to go.  From Grindelwald Village get the gondola up to First and walk to Lake Bachalpsee.  Even though it may only be a few hours return, allow a day and pack a picnic and drinks.  You may never want to leave.