Goodbye 2015

Wow, 2015 is almost over and I have been writing like a crazed beast.  But I am guessing I am not the only one - talk to me people!  Time to review priorities for 2016.  Here they are: more deep sleep, better quality food instead of that fast food rubbish I get when I am too tired to cook or care, regularly post on my new blog about making food fast and easy (stops the previous issue),  finish my goddamn book, get fit enough to hike mountainous terrain for long periods, live and appreciate life in the moment constantly, be creative and work on my personal projects regularly, and make a short film.

Oh look, of course there are lots more things, but lets get real here, I am not a perfect machine and if I listed all the priorities, even I would be exhausted by them.  Besides, isn't a priority mean't to be top of the list kind of stuff? Seriously, I've already got way too many and I just can't add another without it starting to feel like 'focus' is being shot up all over the place.

The one thing I need to achieve in 2016 is laser-like focus on very specific goals.  I actually just purchased a new whiteboard and cork board for my study.  I also got a few calendars to do the 80/20 thing (put up my 3 most crucial goals on the calendar, and aim to do them 80% of the time and mark them off as I go).

Look, this post might feel as though it has nothing to do with travel, but that is simply not true. I am getting a little desperate (understatement) to do a few big hikes in Europe and in New Zealand. But my current fitness levels and padding (the type you can't remove overnight) have made those big hiking trips a little unrealistic. 2016 is time to change all that and get back to being able to do all the things I love so much without having a heart attack on the track.

I have made the decision to bring on the new year with vegetable juices and healthy smoothies (yes, they are replacing food and champers this new years eve).  To make it more interesting I am going to make a whole range of different ones and put them in shot glasses. Instead of getting drunk, I'll be getting high on life and natures finest.  Waking up new years day is going to be awesome. I'm actually a little excited about it.

Whatever happens in 2016, I am going to take responsibility for my health and happiness, rock my boat and haul in the treasure.