Canterbury Gardens - Melbourne

When I lived in Melbourne, I was fortunate to live in a few of Melbourne's most wonderful suburbs including Toorak, South Yarra, Caulfield, Brighton and the beautiful Mont Albert.

I loved them all for different reasons and would happily live in any of them again. Each had its unique special charms, and I remember my time in each area quite vividly.

It was over a decade ago that I spent one particularly memorable day on my own. The memory of this day is so powerful, it still feels like yesterday.  It was a week day, and at the time I was running my own busy business  and decided to take the day off.  I needed a break.  Things hadn't been going my way.  I was frustrated and found working from home quite lonely.

I wanted so much and was getting so little. Needing a break,  I made my way down to the lovely Canterbury Gardens and decided to relax there for a few hours.

Nothing could have prepared me for the feelings, emotions and thrill I got from this time. In that day, and in those moments, I didn't want for anything.  The universe dished me out something special, along with a lesson I need to remember more often.

What this time at the gardens gave me, is difficult to explain. I was so moved by it, I resorted to poetry.  'No more, Than This' is the poem I wrote about this special day alone in Canterbury Gardens. Only, I wasn't alone.......



    This beautiful day in the park

    Feels like so much more than that

    A celebration of life, a transfer to Paradise 

    I close my eyes and sink

    Into somewhere I desperately needed to go


    I flow in the breeze and float with the leaves

    The park is alive with the soft energy of the wind

    Trees sway gently, talking in hushed tones

    They prance, they play

    They take me in


    I fly from one place to the next

    The sun lilting down through spaces

    My insides move to take the next dance, 

    I am swept out of myself

    And interwoven in their world 


    Rhythmically with the leaves

    I run my fingers through my hair

    As it blows in the breeze

    I am taken, so fully, to a place

    Where I want no more than this


    I’m in the air, in the trees,

    In the sky, in the leaves 

    There’s nothing more beautiful

    In this world, I’ve ever seen

    There’s nothing I want more than this,


    No more, than this.

Canterbury Gardens, Melbourne