A Love Letter to Melbourne

Dear Melbourne,

Melbourne, I love you.  I always have and I always will.  Your mysterious little alley ways, majestic buildings, wonderful cultural diversity, out-of-this-world-food, beautiful tree-line boulevards and intriguing people, they live in my heart.

You are vibrant, decadent, full of joy and peace, and endlessly fascinating. You embrace all four seasons and allow your people to experience variety and a brimming life at every turn. 

Your mood changes when dusk falls from warm and inviting, to sleek and seductive with a charge of mystery in the air.

You never rest on your laurels, you are always moving forward, and your people move forward with you. Melbourne, I love you.

Your autumn colours leave me breathless and are imprinted on my dreams.  Your crisp spring mornings charge me with energy and possibilities.  Hot dry summers lead me to your cool oceans and drinks by the beach.  Icy winters bring sips of red wine by blazing fireplaces and weekend trips sliding down snowy white slopes. Oh Melbourne, you spread your wings and you fly me to cloud nine every day of my life.

But now, I have left you. I am with another.  Did you hurt as much as I? Oh Melbourne, the tears I have cried and the profound sadness I have experienced - it is heart-breaking. Trying to live without you has stained my soul forever.

God only knows I have tried to banish you from my mind, my thoughts, my dreams and my relationships, but you are in my blood. I ache for you.

It has now been eight years since I left you. Do you miss me? I choke on my tears when I think of you, even now.

I will never truly get over you, but I have moved on. I had too.  I love another now.  I don’t think about you so much anymore.  That’s why I decided to write this letter, to tell you it’s over.  I’m not making plans to come back to you, like I always used too. 

My memories of your blissful embrace are fading as I push them further into the abyss. Since I can’t live with you, I must live without you.  You understand I have no choice.

But Melbourne, I will always love you.

You have given me so much, you have entwined yourself within my soul, spoken to me as lovers do, and every day of the decades we spent together lit up my heart with passion.

Melbourne, whatever the future holds, wherever I go, whatever I do, I’ll never stop loving you.

Tracey xo

Love Letter to Melbourne


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.