Easy to Uninstall OneDrive from Windows 10 Home

Yes, finally there is now an easy way to uninstall one drive from Windows 10 Home - yay!  I noticed when I went to send an email with an attachment, that the attachment was coming from Microsoft cloud OneDrive -  I was not amused to say the least!  In fact, I was somewhat shocked Microsoft would have this as a default setting.  Then I found out that the default from Windows 10 was that all documents go to their cloud - OneDrive! Are you kidding me? 

For anyone who does not want Microsoft to automatically take their documents and store them in the OneDrive cloud, there is some good news the end of the dark scary tunnel. In my frustration going through every setting known to man on Windows 10 Home Edition I found there was no simple easy way for non-technical people to stop and disable OneDrive. The amount of frustration this caused was so great, that I started investigating other operating systems (Window's competition) to use.  When you start to feel as if you are losing control over your documents, this is an issue!  Come on Microsoft, seriously! 

Luckily, Microsoft must have listened to the customer outcry. Because I recently did a windows update and I finally found that Microsoft has just added the ability for Windows 10 users to uninstall OneDrive.  You have no idea how happy this made me. 

To uninstall OneDrive:

- Just go to your windows icon

- Select Control Panel

- Select Programs and Features

- Then find OneDrive and put cursor on it

- Select Uninstall.

Done! Start celebrating.  Your OneDrive icon will still be floating around, but it will no longer be in use unless you want to bring it back to life. Yay!

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